Foster - Adopt
Is it Worth It?
A 30 + Year Journey in Fostering Children


Yes, it can be hard at times. 
Yes, the children will have issues.
Some will be difficult and some will be easier. 
They ALL will need your unconditional love.
But is it not the same with birth children?

Give them your unconditional love
Help them  be the child they never got to be
Watch them learn to trust again
Watch them discover their worth
Feel your heart burst with joy
The most difficult climbs are the most rewarding   

Some of our foster children now have children of their own who call us Grandma & Grandpa. 

We  have 7 bio Grandchildren as well. 
They  call me  Grandma  Crazy.

While  volunteering with a birthparent/adoption agency for around 15 years, my eyes were opened to the many aspects of birthmothers and adoption issues.
My first grandchild was placed for adoption through that agency.  
We have been married for 40 years and have lived in several states from California to Massachussetts.
We have fostered over 100 children during this time. Some came from the "System", some through Church, and some by their family's request.
We have 7 biological children and two children adopted from the foster care system.
Our first biological son died at 2 months old from SIDS.
Our first biological daughter died at age 26 from an accidental medication overdose.  She was  diagnosed Bi-Polor at age nine.
Each child comes with their own stories, their own issues, and their own way of coping.
So, when people say we are
experts by now, I have to say, No!
Each child has brought new challenges, new joys, and new learning experiences for us.
There is no end to the learning.
Experience is the real teacher.