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Fostering and Bio Children

Saturday, June 06, 2015
Kathy Blomquist
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I have often been asked how taking in foster children has affected my biological children.

My bio children have learned understanding and acceptance of other's differences.  They are slow to judge others. They have seen first hand the consequences that can come from drug and alcohol use and from teen pregnancy.  

They have been the first person others will come to with their struggles.  Instead of bringing home stray cats, more then once they brought home a stray teen who had been kicked out of their home. 

As the older ones became adults the careers of their choice are in service areas.  We have a Nurse who also did foster care, a CNA  studying to be a music therapist, a son in Health Care Management and another son who is a lawyer.  

 It was not always easy for them. They had things stolen from them and sometimes a personality clash.   My youngest had to learn to handle a new sister that could be quite mean to her.  But through the frustrations and sometimes tears, she learned to love and did her best to understand.  On the other side she also had three new brothers for over a year that she bonded to and loved instantly. They were her “besties.”  It was really hard for her to “give them back.”  She is now deciding between being a veterinarian or a therapist. 

They all have willingly and easily accepted and loved two new forever sisters we adopted from foster care.

So the answer to the question “How has doing Foster Care affected your bio children?”, I would  have to say in mostly positive ways.